Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sewing for my little girl

I struggled making this one as the image's weren't too clear on how the dress looked on, but after googling Habitual dress, I found a good few images to help with it! I made a few changes here and there but here's the pattern I used:


Now this lovely top is from http://indietutes.blogspot.com/2007/07/peasant-blouse.html I spend AGESSSSS looking for a suitable little top for my daughter, she's not yet 2, and most patterns were for size 2T, this however has amazing help with the measurements. I didn't follow it properly (which is probably why the sleeves are a bit odd, but I also didn't put elastic in them like the pattern suggested) but I think it's come out lovely anyway!

Our washing machine has boken down, I'd like to say it's done well... But it's lasted less than 2 years.
Soooooooo... I've had to sew my little angel up some clothes so I can put off hand washing for a bit longer. The beautiful images above are the wonders I whipped up in the last 2 days (I also made her some PJ bottoms, which are too big, but whatever!) They've turned out well even though I'm a novice when it comes to sewing up clothes! I did make some changes here and there, but otherwise I think it all went well! So thanks for the lovelies that posted the patterns, took a while to find them, but more than pleased I did!

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